Appointment Policy

Appointment Policy
We are working hard to keep the office on track and on time.  To run smoothly, we need your help.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment (please allow 20 minutes for your first appointment).  Missed appointments represent a cost to everyone in the practice for both patients and staff.  We will try to contact you the day before to remind you of your appointment.  Please let us know your preferred method of communication.  If you cannot make it, please try to cancel/reschedule at least 24 hours prior.  We understand that emergencies occur and you may not be able to show for your appointment.  You will not be charged for your first missed appointment.  However, for each additional no-show, you may be billed $30 and may be discharged from the practice for missing 3 appointments within a year.  While we do not like to discharge patients, we want to make sure we can treat you and others that need to been seen.  Remember, this policy is intended to improve patient care by improving scheduling opportunities.  Please call us as soon as you know of any scheduling conflicts.

Professionalism Policy

Professionalism Policy
The staff is working on your behalf and deserves respect for their efforts.  We will make every effort to create a professional and friendly environment for your care.  If you feel we can improve, please let us know in a courteous manner.  We have this policy to allow us to evolve into a place that is optimal for patient care.  We value your opinion; however, if you express your concerns in a verbally or physically abusive fashion, you may be asked to leave the practice.
Please keep in mind other patients during your visit.  Some examples of how you can help include:
  • If you are coughing or sniffling, please ask the front desk for a mask to wear.
  • If you need to take a phone call, please step outside or a least talk quietly.
  • If you are visiting with children, please keep an eye on them at all times.
  • Please wash your hands after using the restroom.
  • Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make you more comfortable.

Pain Policy

Opiate Policy
Pain control is a serious issue and there are many reasons to be in extreme or chronic pain.  Although this office will not prescribe or provide opiates, we will refer you to a pain clinic if your pain needs opiates for control.  The only exception to this policy are patients on hospice.  While you are waiting for your pain center visit, we can provide non-opiate medication options.  We do not stock opiates in the office.  While this policy may not apply to you currently and we hope it never will, we want to make sure all patients are informed.

Financial Policy

Financial Policy          
All payment and balances are expected at the time of service, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  These payments include applicable coinsurances and co-payments for participating insurance companies.  If co-payments are not paid at the time of service, you will incur a fee of $20 or more depending on your insurance company. We accept cash, personal
checks (NH, MA and ME), VISA, and MasterCard.  Please no post-dated checks, as they will not be accepted.  There is a service charge for returned checks in the amount of $30. We reserve the right to refuse check payment from patients that have written returned checks within the last year. 
          We bill participating insurance companies as a courtesy to you.  After we receive the explanation of payment from your primary insurance company, you are responsible for any balance not covered by the insurance company. The insurance company should also send an explanation of benefits (EOB) to you. Balances not paid within 120 days are turned over to a billing/collections service. Patients with an outstanding balance of 120 days overdue must make arrangements for payment prior to scheduling well visits. We are willing to work with you to develop a payment plan and keep you or your child’s well visits on time.  Please call our office between 9 AM and 6 PM at 603-373-0096.  If a compromise cannot be reached, there is a possibility you will be discharged from the practice.
          Overpayments will be refunded upon written request to the responsible party within 30 days.
          If it becomes necessary to forward my account to a collection agency, in addition to the amount owed, you also will be responsible for the fee charged by the collection agency for cost of collections.
         Thank you for your attention.

Coverage Policy

Coverage Policy
Atlantic Internal Medicine & Pediatrics focuses on continuity of care in the office, hospital, assisted living facility, nursing home, etc, but even our office needs time to relax.  Other medical professionals will be involved in your care on holidays, some weekends and vacations.  Please contact us before weekends and holidays to allow us to address any needs you may have.  We will announce non-emergent weekday absences at least 1 week in advance through the patient portal, Facebook, Twitter and our website.
We have arranged for coverage with Portsmouth Internal Medicine (PIMA) for patients over 18 and Coastal Pediatrics (CP) for those under 18.  Please note there are some differences when these practices are covering including:
  • When PIMA is covering, our adult patients may be admitted to the hospital and cared for by the hospitalist group.
  • PIMA and CP both use answering services.

Phone Policy

Phone Policy

Atlantic Internal Medicine & Pediatrics feels when you call the doctor, it is important that you speak directly with a person.  Unless one of Dr. Kurish’s associates is covering, our staff works diligently to answer your phone calls during business hours:
                                    Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri             8:30 am to 5:00 pm
                                    Thursday                              8:30 am to 6:00 pm    

If we cannot answer in time, please leave a message and we will return your call by the end of the business day.  Please call for refills and appointments during business hours.  If you call after office hours or on weekends/holidays, your call will be forwarded to Dr. Kurish or the covering provider or answering service.  Please note that after hours calls are for urgent business only.

Privacy Policy


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